I recently found myself using a SOT363 component - also known as SC70 and SC88. This is a tiny 6 pin IC, and smaller than the ubiquitous SOT23. I couldn’t immediately find any breakout boards online, so developed my own. As I now have 360 of them, I’m selling them in packs of ten, including header pins and postage within the UK, for £3.95.

SOT363/SOT23 Breakout Boards

Unlike breakout boards from other suppliers, these feature a silkscreened area you can write on. While this increases the space the board takes up (and increases the cost marginally!) I find this invaluable for noting what (tiny) component is soldered to the board!

SOT363/SOT23 Breakout Boards in breadboard

I must have been a little distracted when I designed these boards as the pins are .35 inches apart rather than .4 inches. They pins still go into a standard breadboard fine as long as you insert them in the breadboard first and then solder them in place (so they end up at the necessary angle). I’ll have correctly spaced ones fabbed next time I’m submitting a PCB order!

10 x SOT363/SOT23 Breakout Boards plus header pins

Order from here.

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