I recently discovered that on at least one of my Raspberry Pi’s docker was hanging on boot - for the order of 10 minutes or so. Manual attempts to start/restart docker hit the same issue.

I tracked down the apparent cause for the hang to this output from dmesg, which appeared immediately before docker (finally) started:

Mar 17 19:36:38 pi5 kernel: [  692.320127] random: crng init done
Mar 17 19:36:38 pi5 kernel: [  692.320140] random: 7 urandom warning(s) missed due to ratelimiting

Turns out that the random number generator /dev/random was taking substantial time to gather enough entropy to properly initialize, and docker was waiting for /dev/random. The fix here was to install haveged which is a software random number generator, and which generates entropy for the system instead.

Haveged is installed by:

sudo apt install haveged

After installing haveged, on the next boot docker started in a much more timely fashion!

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