Updated: 16 February 2020

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After a chance comment by a user of otb-iot connecting to an M-Bus device I decided to develop a Raspberry Pi M-Bus Master “Hat”. A Raspberry Pi Hat is an add-on board which connects to a Raspberry Pi offering additional functionality. This M-Bus Master Hat, perhaps unsurprisingly, extends the Raspberry Pi’s function making it an M-Bus Master.

This simplifies the steps needed to access an M-Bus slave. Just install the Hat, and then follow the simple instructions to connect to your slaves.

With otb-iot you need an MQTT broker, which in turn talks to an ESP8266 device over WiFi, which then connects to an custom developed M-Bus Master bus driver, and you must also implement a separate step to encode and decode the M-Bus protocol data. With the Raspberry Pi M-Bus Master Hat you only need one device, and this can be driven using the existing open source mbus-httpd, libmbus, or other software.

M-Bus Master Hat mounted on a Raspberry Pi Model 3 A+

For more details and to order go here.

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