This repo contains a script and Dockerfile to create a build enviroment for Raspberry Pi Pico and Pico W C and Python development.

It supports Pi (both 32-bit and 64-bit) and x86_64 hosts.

Either use it to install the GNU ARM toolchain and various required (and some useful) packages and repos directly, or use the Dockerfile to create a container image, to use that for development.

Direct Install

To install directly:

./ <install-dir> # install-dir is where you want everything installed, such as ~/builds

The pico-sdk is located at:


The ARM GNU toolchain is:


Both PICO_SDK_PATH and PICO_TOOLCHAIN_PATH are set up in .bashrc by this script, but if you need to export manually:

export PICO_SDK_PATH=<install-dir>/pico-sdk
export PICO_TOOLCHAIN_PATH=<install-dir>/arm-gnu-toolchain

Container Image

To create a container image:

docker build . -t pico-build

To run the container, use a command like:

docker run --rm -ti pico-build
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